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Appleton Car Accident Lawyers

The Appleton car accident lawyers and staff of Lindner Law LLC., can provide two distinct advantages to you as you deal with injuries sustained in a serious car crash:

  • We are a law firm with decades of experience and the deep resources necessary to pursue maximum compensation in a personal injury claim, and
  • Because of our size and capabilities, we are able to provide personal support to car accident victims, from helping you get your vehicle replaced or repaired, to serving as a buffer between you and insurers, creditors and others far more concerned with their needs than yours.

As your car accident attorneys in Appleton, Wisconsin, we’ll do the work required to secure your financial future while you focus on medical care and getting well again.

Over more than 40 years, we have recovered tens of millions dollars for thousands of car accident victims. We serve Appleton and other communities of the Fox Cities with a team of 16 personal injury lawyers and staff of over 100 investigators, damage specialists, paralegals, legal secretaries and other support personnel.

We’ll seek to ensure you are fully reimbursed for medical expenses, property damage, lost income, your pain and suffering, and more after a car accident.

No Cost, No Fee, VIP Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with how we are handling your car accident case within the first 30 days of hiring our firm, you may take your file from our office and you will owe us nothing with no questions asked. LEARN MORE

Fully Supporting You After a Wisconsin Car Accident

Our Appleton car accident lawyers are here for you.Lindner Law LLC., provides turnkey legal representation to individuals and families pursuing personal injury claims over car accidents in Appleton and elsewhere in Wisconsin. We develop solid cases for car accident claims, which allow us to conduct tough settlement negotiations with insurance companies that have a legal duty to you. When insurers refuse to do what’s right, we are armed with the facts and ready to fight it out in court.

We provide strong representation in car accident claims because we prepare with:

  • Thorough investigations that establish legal responsibility for the accident.
  • Identification of all insurance coverage applicable to the accident, and the compensation legally owed to you.
  • Full accounting of your expenses and losses due to the accident, including projections for future costs and losses.

In the meantime, our car accident lawyers and support staff will take care of you. As your attorneys, we are your advocates. Our clients come to know the offices and people of Lindner Law LLC., as we readily respond to questions and concerns, and assist with such tasks as:

  • Filing paperwork required by your insurers to initiate a property damage claim.
  • Locating and seeing to the correct resolution for your damaged vehicle, whether it is to be repaired or totaled and replaced.
  • Obtaining the police report from your car accident.
  • Obtaining medical records from treatment you’ve received for your injuries.
  • Ensuring you receive proper medical care, including referring you to medical specialists if necessary.
  • Sending “notice of representation” letters to insurers, creditors and others to advise them that we are pursuing an insurance claim on your behalf and that they should contact us and not you with questions and concerns.

In the meantime, you can count on the entire Appleton staff of Lindner Law LLC., treating you with the respect and compassion you deserve.

Your first meeting with Lindner Law LLC., to discuss your car accident and legal options will be absolutely free of charge and with no further obligation from you. We can conduct this discussion in our Appleton offices or at any of our three other Wisconsin offices, or your home, hospital room, office or anywhere in the Fox Cities area, as your prefer.

If we are able to pursue a car accident claim on your behalf, we will charge no fees unless we recover money for you.

We also have car accident attorneys in Green Bay that can assist you.

Evidence We Gather for Car Accident Injury Claims

We'll help you with your car accident case in Appleton.When a car accident causes significant personal injury, it is often necessary to initiate legal action (a lawsuit) to compel insurers to pay proper settlements.

Insurance companies profit by collecting more in premiums than they pay out in settlements. If an insurance adjuster has offered you a settlement after a serious car accident, it is sure to be for less than you deserve. It is just as likely that an insurer will deny their policyholder is responsible for the accident and deny your claim.

As your legal representatives, Lindner Law LLC., will work to establish the parties responsible for your accident and make a case that convinces the insurers to meet their obligation to you, or a jury to order it to do so.

Our investigation into your car accident will seek such evidence as:

  • The accident report filed by police.
  • Statements from you, any passengers in your vehicle, and from other witnesses.
  • Crash scene evidence, which may include skid marks, wreckage and debris, road conditions that contributed the accident, etc. Increasingly, security cameras nearby may have records of your accident, as well.
  • Driver information, such as current or previous tickets or traffic charges (perhaps indicating a pattern of negligence or reckless driving), and/or personal cellphone data, social media posts, debit card records, job or school attendance records, etc., which may indicate incriminating activity prior to the crash.
  • Vehicle data, including vehicle damage and, when available, event data recorder (EDR or “black box”) downloads. The EDR, which is found in many newer cars, records a variety of potentially valuable data about a vehicle’s operations seconds before an accident, including speed, acceleration, braking, steering angle, air bag deployment, number of crashes (one or more impacts during the accident), etc.

Some evidence needed for a car accident claim must be gathered promptly because it will deteriorate, or can be lost or destroyed. A court order may be required to obtain access to other valuable evidence.

Engaging an experienced and capable car accident attorney as soon as possible after a car accident increases the opportunity to obtain evidence needed to support your legal claim.

The largest portion of compensation in a car accident claim is typically paid for medical expenses and the pain and suffering related to the injuries. This may include the cost of emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitative therapy, assistive devices (crutches, wheelchair, hospital bed, etc.) and anything else your recovery requires.

In addition to counting up receipts, we ask independent medical professionals to analyze medical records for recovery prospects and whether you may expect to be disabled or have other lingering medical issues. Either will mean additional medical costs for future or ongoing care, therapy, personal assistance, etc., which must also be accounted for in your claim.

In cases of total disability, we may seek the assistance of a life care planner to calculate the costs of a lifetime of required medical care and assistance.

Depending on the case, we may also ask a vocational consultant to review medical records in light of your job and/or training and experience to determine how your injury may affect your earning capacity. A portion of your claim will seek reimbursement for lost income, which should include current and future losses you may suffer because of your injuries.

Compensation You May Obtain in an Appleton Car Accident Claim

Compensation available to the plaintiff (injured party) in most car accident claims is limited to the amount of liability insurance coverage held by the defendants, the responsible parties.

In Wisconsin, automobile liability insurance must provide coverage of at least:

  • $25,000 for injury or death of one person
  • $50,000 for injury or death of two or more people
  • $10,000 for property damage

Most motorists maintain only the minimum auto liability coverage and, unfortunately, many drive illegally without insurance.

However, Wisconsin also requires motorists to maintain uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. At a minimum, this must provide $25,000 for bodily injury to one person and $50,000 for two or more people. Wisconsin UM coverage is not extended to property damage.

We would help you make UM claim if the driver who caused your accident has no insurance.

Additional types of insurance may be applied to some car accident claims. For example, if the at-fault driver was driving as a part of their job duties, compensation may be available through their employer’s business liability insurance.

We will identify all available insurance coverage, and draft one or more claims or lawsuits to demand compensation for all losses you have incurred, as allowed by Wisconsin law.  This includes reimbursement for:

  • Medical care
  • Property damage
  • Income loss

Personal injury law also allows the injured to seek compensation for:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

In rare cases of flagrant misconduct, it may be possible to obtain punitive damages in a car accident case. This additional payment awarded at the discretion of the jury is capped in Wisconsin at twice the amount of compensatory damages (those listed above) or $200,000, whichever is greater.

Another important facet of Wisconsin law is its use of the doctrine of contributory negligence. This provides that any compensation awarded a plaintiff must be reduced according to the responsibility the plaintiff bears for the accident. For example, a plaintiff found to be 20 percent responsible for a car accident would see their jury award reduced by one fifth (20 percent).

If the jury decides the plaintiff is more at fault than the other party in the wreck (or all other parties combined) the plaintiff does not receive compensation.

Most car accident cases conclude with a negotiated settlement. Long before your case goes to court, if it goes to court, we will have identified and prepared for any factors that could weigh against you. In negotiations or in court, the claim we prepare for you will position you to obtain the best possible financial outcome available to you.

We also have car accident attorneys in Milwaukee that can assist you.

Contact Our Appleton Car Accident Attorneys

Lindner Law LLC., provides attentive and dedicated legal services to support car accident victims in Appleton and other communities of Wisconsin’s Fox River Cities. We’ll fight to secure your financial future while you focus on your health and recovery after a car accident. Our objective is maximum compensation to you with as little work as possible from you.

Our car accident claims team works quickly to secure evidence required to prove personal injury claims, and diligently to calculate our clients’ full costs and losses. We negotiate with insurers from a position of strength that is based on a thorough investigation. When necessary, we present compelling cases to judge and jury.

Contact Lindner Law LLC., in Appleton today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation about your car accident and a potential claim. You will not owe us a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.

We can also help people who suffer from car accident injuries in Green Bay and Milwaukee.

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