Car accidents cause problems that few people ever see coming. Suddenly, you may need major repairs or a new car. Your injuries may also require ongoing medical treatment and prevent you from being able to work and earn income. Anxiety and depression could soon start to settle in.

At Lindner Law LLC., our experienced car accident attorneys understand those problems. For more than 40 years, we have delivered custom-tailored legal solutions for people whose lives were upended by an auto accident. If another person injured you or caused the loss of your loved one in a crash, we are ready to help. You can count on us to:

  • Give you the close, personal attention that you deserve.
  • Handle your car repair or replacement claim – free of charge.
  • Ensure you get needed medical treatment.
  • Thoroughly investigate and prepare your claim.
  • Pursue all compensation you are entitled to receive.
  • Keep you updated about your case at all times.
  • Charge you nothing unless we secure compensation for you.

With a team of more than 100 attorneys and staff members in seven states – Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota – our law firm can start work on your case today and let you focus on your health and your family. Contact us today for a free case review.

Our VIP Guarantee Makes a Difference for Our Car Accident Clients

The lawyers and staff of Lindner Law believe that every client deserves VIP treatment. In other words, we take the time to understand what happened to you in a crash. We learn about how your injuries have affected your life. And we start to help you right away.

  • First, we will address your immediate needs. We will handle your auto damage claim for no cost, including helping you to find a rental while your claim is pending. We also work with health care insurers and providers to make sure that you get the treatment you need.
  • At the same time, we will thoroughly investigate your crash. We will immediately put our investigators on your case and collect evidence before it deteriorates or gets lost or destroyed. This evidence may include crash scene details, photos, video, black box data, cell phone records, chemical test results and witness statements.
  • We will carefully prepare your claim. We will work with experts to analyze and evaluate your auto accident insurance claim and/or lawsuit. We will prepare a comprehensive case that seeks maximum compensation for all damages you have suffered, including past and future medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering and more.
  • We will fight for every dollar you deserve. Whether we are at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, we will aggressively pursue full compensation for you. We always prepare cases to win at trial, which typically helps us to secure funds for our clients through settlements.
  • Throughout your case, we will communicate with you. We won’t keep you in the dark about what’s going on with your claim. We will consult with you at every stage, and we will always be available to address your questions.

Our No Cost, No Fee, VIP Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our legal services within the first 30 days after you start work with us on your car accident claim, Lindner Law will allow you to take your file from our office – no charge, and no questions asked.

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How Do Our Attorneys Approach Auto Accident Claims?

Our attorneys have experience with handling many types of auto accident claims in different states. Our background allows us to tackle issues in crashes that involve passenger injuries, large commercial trucks (or tractor-trailers), motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Our approach focuses on:

  • Liability

We gather and examine all available evidence. We also consult with experts in accident reconstruction, engineering and other fields. We use that evidence to determine the cause of the crash as well as every party who should be held accountable for the losses that our clients have suffered in a car accident through no fault of their own.

  • Damages

We collect and review medical records, receipts of other accident-related expenses, work and income records and statements from friends and family members in order to determine the physical, emotional and financial impact of an auto accident on our clients’ lives. We also consult with doctors, nurses, life care planners and other medical experts to determine our clients’ future medical needs and the costs of meeting those needs.

By carefully preparing claims, we work from a position of strength when we negotiate with insurance companies or argue a case in court. As a result, we reach settlements of most car accident cases that our law firm handles. However, at Lindner Law, we never rush through a case or advise a client to accept a settlement that fails to fairly compensate them. Our highly skilled trial lawyers are always ready to go to court for our clients.

What Compensation Can You Recover After a Crash?

Our attorneys know how a car accident can cause catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, spinal cord injury, burns, fractures, scarring and disfigurement. Victims may suffer permanent disability that leaves them unable to work or enjoy life as they did before.

Our large staff features investigators, damage specialists, paralegals, legal secretaries and other personnel. They all work towards pursuing maximum compensation for the losses our clients have suffered. We know that compensation will play a big role for them as they cope with their injuries and move on with their lives.

In a claim, we may pursue damages that include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income, including bonuses, fringe benefits and vacation pay
  • Diminished future income due to a reduced earning ability
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of a spouse’s services and companionship
  • Punitive damages (if appropriate)
  • Wrongful death damages (if a client’s loved one died in a crash).

To recover maximum compensation for our clients, we identify all liable parties and all available sources of compensation, including another party’s insurance coverage and, in some cases, our clients’ own insurance policies.

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You have only a limited period of time to bring a car accident claim. This is called the statute of limitations. The length of time depends on where you live. In order to ensure you don’t miss the deadline and lose your right to seek just compensation, call or connect with us online today. Lindner Law assists car accident victims and their families throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota. We can provide a free consultation and tell you more about our VIP Guarantee.

Post Accident FAQs

Post Accident

I’ve been injured in an accident. What should I be doing?

Priority 1 – Your Health

You should get timely medical care for everyone involved. If you are injured, or there is suspicion of injury, cooperate with medical personnel who recommended tests and/or hospitalization. Do not be overly concerned about the medical expenses at this point. Your health is more important.

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How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Consulting with an attorney will help determine whether you have grounds for a solid personal injury case. An attorney’s experience and knowledge of the law will be applied to your situation. Your attorney will have to prove:

  • You were injured
  • The defendant (at-fault party) was negligent
  • The defendant’s negligence caused your injuries
  • The defendant’s insurance applies to the injury-causing event.

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Who pays medical bills from my accident?

The negligent party and their insurance company are responsible for your losses and injuries resulting from the accident. That includes medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of earnings and future earning capacity, expenses incurred for accident injury treatment and other related expenses. We make every effort to make the responsible party pay for your losses and injuries. If the driver at fault did not have adequate insurance, our firm’s experience in this area will be valuable as we explore all other avenues of reimbursement and compensation for medical bills.

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What about rehab, lost time at work, the money I have to pay babysitters in order to get to the doctor, extra help around the house, taxi fare and other expenses?

Because the negligent party is responsible for these expenses, Lindner Law LLC., attorneys and staff will take the actions necessary to recover these expenses for you from all possible sources. Our attorneys and staff work with clients to achieve optimum results in each and every case—large or small.

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Who can I talk to about my accident?

We suggest you refrain from talking to anyone about your accident except your doctors, lawyers and spouse. In our firm, your case is assigned to a specific paralegal who will talk to you about your concerns and serve as your link to your attorney. Your file is always at their fingertips. With our attorney and paralegal who constitute your team can discuss details of your case knowledgeably and promptly whenever you call. These same professionals ensure that your case moves through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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What about the damage to my vehicle?

If your vehicle was damaged or totaled, we help with repair and replacement. Some law firms do not want to deal with your vehicle damage in a personal injury case. But, when Lindner Law LLC., represents a client in a vehicle injury accident, our firm will handle the vehicle damage portion of your case free of charge.

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What should I do when contacted by the insurance company?

This is where a trusted attorney will be most helpful. Remember the insurance company’s goal is to protect THEIR interests and bottom line, not yours. Your representatives at Lindner Law LLC., will explain more about the workings of the personal injury system. We will handle all communications, forms and inquiries from the insurance company.

In order to avoid costly mistakes in dealing with an insurance company representative or adjuster, please take these seven important steps in order to protect your rights.

Seven Steps to Success:

  1. Obtain adequate medical diagnosis and treatment for your injuries.
  2. Document and photograph injuries and vehicle damage.
  3. Keep track of your lost wages and earnings and accident-related expenses.
  4. Do not trust the insurance company to look out for your rights.
  5. Do not cash an insurance check before checking with your trusted attorney.
  6. Do not sign an insurance release without attorney review.
  7. Call Lindner Law LLC., toll free at 1-800-227-6699.

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What will this cost?

All motor vehicle accident cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis. We will advance all costs and expenses. You will not have to reimburse us for any costs or expenses unless we are successful. That means you will pay absolutely nothing for lawyers’ fees or costs unless we win a monetary award in your case. When we win for you—and only then—we then charge an agreed-upon portion of the amount won.

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How do I get started?

Call our offices at 1-800-227-6699. After an unfortunate accident, you may need professional assistance to restore your life to normal. As you seek assistance to achieve physical and psychological recovery, you may need legal assistance to help recover financially from the accident.

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